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Title: DX Report 1/11/18
Post by: k4lrx on January 11, 2018, 02:28:25 PM


First the latest info on 6O6O this one is a bust,  really fellow dx hounds this was not a good expedition at all, some modest activity on 80 meters last night on 3.528khz sounded like a zoo. Signal was barely detectable and not worth the effort since you could not determine who he was coming back to at any time. Seems like the coast and stations located to the North had the propagation and no one else.

Sparse activity on 15 and equally little activity on 20, seems when the window of propagation was favorable to North America , they were not on the air.  Ratio of contacts to North America versus the rest of the world about ten to one.

So be it, we will just have to wait for a better operation, this one a big disappointment!

As to other news, 7Q7JW on a limited operation 14.188 but will shut down today, Heard very well around 2020Z. This op is departing so if you missed this one, better luck next time. Heard more contacts being made with this limited operation then I have in a week from 6O6O.

None of the expeditions mentioned, namely C56 or or XT2 were ever heard, they were mentioned a few days ago. Ten and 15 pretty useless, low bands producing some activity during the evening. Ok, that is it for today.