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Title: DX Report 3/20/17
Post by: k4lrx on March 20, 2017, 12:33:38 PM
I slept in this morning plus I had a doctor's appointment at 10, so my morning was pretty well taken up for today. What do we have to report.

It seems the S21 expedition has come to life sort of, reports of hearing them on 7.008 around 1625Z were from the West Coast, nothing back this way. Another spot for 30 meters was 10.119 0100Z and a limited appearance on 20 14.029 1200Z till about 1300Z. Contacts were scattered and it appears that once spots surface they vanish. Oh well not really concerned over this one since we have it confirmed on 20/15 would like a crack at it on 40, and ten, but not holding my breath.

9K2MU 14.226 1612Z do not send any green stamps and expect a card, it will not happen. This op must have several hundred dollars that were sent to him for a card, I was one of those who wanted his card for a 40 meter contact. He does qsl via LOTW and I do not use it. He does use EQSL and that is worthless toward DXCC credit.

9G5X 14.005 1530 and I was lucky enough to work him on 17 this morning 18.077 up three 1650Z. When I say I am lucky my tribander works pretty well on that band acting like a dipole, but it need my transceiver's tuner. Well, it was good enough for this contact and that is all that matters.  More info to come.