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Title: DX Report 3/18/17
Post by: k4lrx on March 18, 2017, 04:56:42 AM
Yesterday was a pretty good day in the DX world, it started in the early hours of the morning, we caught a contact with 9N7EI they were on 14.280 QSX up 5 to 10 1330Z Nice signal running about an S8 to S9.

Next we captured HS3XVP on 14.020 with a very good signal into the states, I did not think I had worked this station before, but I had a few months ago according to my QRZ log. I had to leave for a doctor's appointment and was gone until about 1:30 local time. When I returned we saw that 5A1AL was on 14.045 taking on callers we jumped in and worked him with ease. Now 5A I have many contacts back in the days of AM when the British had an air field near Tripoli, in fact during that time 5A was pretty common. We have several cards for AM phone and CW as well. 5A has been worked several times on various bands and confirmed on all the bands I work.

The last one for the day was J5UAP this one came alive on 14.020 listening up and again we captured that one since it was a pipeline to my location very big signal Indeed a true 599.  8) 8) 8) 8)  Smokin!

One thing for certain, the bands may peak at odd days, or times, just have to be around when they do. Since we are laden with various contests over the weekend, we will resume regular reporting on Monday. BTW if you have not worked TU7C or 5U5R their time is growing short and one of the expeditions is scheduled to close down today. Hope some of you made contacts with them. Ok, back Monday.